Detection Kits


 At-Home Flower, Concentrate, & Edible Detection Kit

Understanding the important role of providing detection kits for our following of growers, dispensary owners, parents and many others; CB Scientific produces the at-home detection kits everyone needs. An important intermediary between not knowing what’s in your product and sending your product to an actual lab. CB Scientific positions the detection kits to fill the niche that products like thin-layer chromatography and spectrometry couldn’t for the average user due to the advantage our kits have at price and even more in simplicity. CB Scientific is a medical device company developing engineering and device solutions for cannabinoid medical technologies.

CB Scientific has evolved its scientific prowess through the years thanks to the success of our First Generation Detection Kits and now CB Scientific has launched the most accurate, quick and least expensive test yet, this is the Second Generation Detection Kit for special plant-based products. Months have been eaten away to develop a much more accurate solution and method for testing flower, concentrates, and edibles; with one press of a button, your test will complete itself and give you the results you need.

We have cross-examined our testing solution with independent HPLC comparison (HPLC or High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography is the premier way to test cannabinoids due to its uncompromised accuracy).

Observing our previous detection kits, we have eliminated four steps, all you do is place your sample in the top of the device and press the top down, the results are easily visible through a clear plastic window.

Least Expensive Instead of shipping larger boxes with more materials (our previous generation), we ship you a small box or bottle with three (bottle/box) or six (box) detection kits inside, cutting our costs down and we pass that savings on to you!