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CBD Detection Kit - CB Scientific

CBD Detection Kit - 3 Tests

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When sending your product to a lab isn't feasible or too extreme for your current situation, bring the lab to you with the Test4 CBD Detection Kit!

Growers in the field need to know their crop potency as soon as possible especially if growing selective breeds since an entire crop can test high thus it can't be sold as hemp in the US.

CBD Detection kit takes away the long wait time for a potency lab result as well as providing a result at a far lower cost. We are in no way supporting the notion that you shouldn't get your product tested in an ISO-certified lab, however, for the farmer, baker, processor, or enthusiast of cannabis, it makes complete sense to pick up a rapid cannabis detection kit.

The Kit allows you to detect CBD in oils, concentrates, dry or wet bud. This is important due to the vast state requirements for testing and there are still CBD companies today selling products without CBD.

This is how the kit works:

1. Get a cannabis sample around 0.05g or a small pinch.

2. Put the sample in one of the small clear vials Vial 2.

3. Use the solution from a large vial 1. They are color-coded (purple for CBD detection). Add the solution to the small vial until almost completely filled.

4. Give the small vial a good shake and let it sit for 10 minutes, by then, compare the results to the respective card.


Works with:
1. cannabis buds
2. extracts and oils


Each detection kit is packed with three individual detections. You receive three CBD detections.

Detecting CBD is a simple process with the included color chart and instruction cards provided in every kit.

CB Scientific has been creating detection kits just like these for over half a decade to an international market. Every kit is manufactured here in the US where we believe that science paves the way for a better future.

All of these kits have been adapted from the old DL reagent which was used back in the 20th Century for criminal convictions. This test was found inaccurate since many compounds tested positive. CB Scientific has created a modified version of this detection called a beam test where a positive response for THC or CBD will create an easily distinguishable color for cannabis compounds such as THC and or CBD.

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Brian McMahon
CBD test kit

This is a basic test at best. Just confirms that CBC is present very limited as to how much CBC is present


Understanding the important role of providing detection kits for our following of growers, dispensary owners, parents and many others; CB Scientific produces the cannabis detection kits everyone needs. An important intermediary between not knowing what’s in your product and sending your product to an actual lab. CB Scientific positions the detection kits to fill the niche that products like thin-layer chromatography and spectrometry couldn’t for the average user due to the advantage our kits have at price and even more in simplicity. CB Scientific is a medical device company developing engineering and device solutions for cannabinoid medical technologies.